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Interior Design Services in Denver, CO

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Our Process

We are a full-service interior design firm, offering a comprehensive road map for the entire home, from concept to completion. Our interior design services in Denver, CO, offer a process that is highly collaborative and intimate, resulting in spaces that reflect your most personal tastes and wishes. At Dragonfly Designs, we understand the value of your time, balance efficiency with quality, and professionalism with connection.


Each project begins with an initial consultation to identify your needs, understand your tastes and lifestyle, and establish the project scope. We will ask a lot of questions! If construction is involved, we will set up a meeting with the builder and, if applicable the architect, to discuss project flow, communication and schedules.


Guided by your aspirations and individual needs, we will carefully evaluate your existing site conditions and architectural plans, if you have them, to provide recommendations that will enhance the function or aesthetics of your spaces. These might include window heights, door locations, or the addition of architectural details that will enhance focal points and flow. 


This is where the fun begins! We will present photos, sketches and materials for you to evaluate and touch that represent our understanding of your goals and taste. These visual stories will guide the project moving forward and provide tangible and exciting directions for your interior spaces.


With approved visual concepts, we will continue to refine and edit. We will make actual design selections and decisions. This phase will include several meetings with you to collaborate and ensure every detail is perfect. When this phase is complete, we will have a full vision for your home.


Based on your final design decisions, we will produce a thorough specification package, including all the details required to execute your project. This may include spreadsheets, CAD drawings, formal sketches, and finishes to match. Furniture design and selections will also be made at this stage.


During this phase, our team will make regular site visits and coordinate with the builder or tradespeople to ensure cohesion, quality and adherence to design specifications. Furniture will be ordered. Whether contacted for design clarification, changed site conditions, or discontinued tile selections, we will field phone calls and quickly turn around solutions to inquiries as they arise. 


This is the part we live for. Once the final finishes are polished, lights hung and draperies installed, we will coordinate and carefully install your furniture. Our team will be there to guide this process, and ensure every detail is exactly right. Fresh flowers and decorative details will be placed and we will welcome you home. A final walkthrough will address any outstanding items, and you will be invited to enjoy the investment you've made in spaces you adore.

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