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We are your home remodel expert in Boulder, Denver & the Colorado mountains.

Why Choose Dragonfly Designs

We Save You Money

WE SHOW YOU WHERE TO SPEND:  We can show you what items in a room you need to spend on to maximize function & look - and which you don't. A thoughtful combination of different value levels allows for comfort where you need it, bling where you want it, and interesting spaces with proper focal points.

WE HELP YOU PREVENT MATERIAL MISTAKES:  We have extensive understanding of how materials function - which clean well and which don't, which fade in the sun, which are appropriate for kids and dogs, which will patina over time, which will give the builder a headache, (which to ask for anyway), and which to stay away from completely! From fabrics to finishes, we know what to recommend for your individual lifestyle.

WE HELP YOU PREVENT SCALE MISTAKES:  Scale is one of the most common mistakes by homeowners. Proper scaling of furniture and architectural elements ensure both optimal function (such as enough seating & storage), and pleasing negative space that allows a room to breathe. This can be tricky, because two sofas of the same dimensions can carry a very different visual mass, depending on their styling. We have perfected these intangibles so you don't have to.

Boulder Living Room
We are Experts

Whether it is understanding the construction process, communicating with team members, selecting appropriate products, managing your timeline to prevent delays, or maximizing comfort and function with enduring style, we have you covered. Building a space correctly takes a lot of technical knowledge that we've gleaned over years of dust, drawings and meetings with tradespeople. We are committed to getting it right for you and more importantly, we know how.

Let us be hour home remodel expert in Boulder, Denver and the Colorado mountains.

We Save You Time (and Headaches)

DURING DESIGN:  Most homeowners can point out things they like, but combining them properly takes time and visualization. We evaluate each space horizontally on plan, as well as vertically via elevation to ensure proper scale, flow, negative space, contrast, focus and lighting. Decisions can be frustrating when trying to visualize 3-dimensionally. We combine these items based on sound technical reasoning and present them to you in visual formats you can wrap your head around.

SOURCING:  We know the best places and tradespeople to source anything you want. We eliminate your extensive research, navigate overwhelm, and have long-standing relationships with our trusted and often exclusive vendors. There is no guesswork - we get service and product guarantees.

DURING PROCUREMENT:  Purchasing a whole house (or even a whole room) of furnishings can require hundreds of line items that need to be carefully checked for accuracy. Each will be tracked, and problems will be mitigated. Upon receipt, each order is checked against the original order for correctness and completion. In the event of damage or error, we immediately set up freight claims and handle expedited replacements. With custom detail orders calling for multiple fabrics, welt trims, nail head size and color, pleat style, grain direction (the list is endless), purchasing can feel like a full time job. Ordering is challenging, messy and often a headache, but we have this down to an art.

What Our Clients Say

"I have worked with Jenn for nearly ten years on various projects, ranging from custom high end homes to extensive remodels. As a contractor and store owner, I have found Jenn to be reliable, professional and dedicated to client satisfaction. She is exceptionally talented with space layouts and has a strong understanding of finish and architectural details. her drawings and specs are clear and timely, and her furnishing choices have brought my spaces to life. I trust her explicitly with my current and future projects."  - Steve B., Denver, CO

"I have worked with Jenn on several projects throughout the years. Jenn is an amazing designer and communicator. She listens to her clients wants and needs and transforms them into reality. She looks out of the box for new materials and finds unique sources to make each home its own."

- Angela Otten, Inspire Kitchen Design Studio

"I had the pleasure of working with Jenn on a large, high-end project and was impressed with all aspects of her abilities. She has great communication skills, excellent ideas and a strong work ethic. I respect all of her opinions on interior design and would recommend her to all of my clients. I look forward to working with Jenn on future projects."

- John Monks, Trimworks Custom Carpentry

"Working with Jenn to furnish the interior of my custom home was a wonderful experience. Jenn listened carefully to my ideas, infused them with her creative eye and design expertise to bring about a final product that I absolutely love. My home feels unique, styled and comfortable. Jenn was always professional, went above and beyond and communicated promptly throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Dragonfly Designs!"  - Stacy H., Cherry Hills Village, CO

"Jenn with Dragonfly was such a professional with flair & charm! It was so easy to work with her in my home and provide a range of options that completely fit my preferences. We have a very busy home with high traffic of kids & pets - our design fit that lifestyle perfectly!"

- Deon M., Littleton, CO

"We picked Jenn to work with as our designer because my husband and I have similar but not exact tastes and we needed to blend those tastes to make the home "ours". We weren't interested in a modern, trendy house and were looking for a designer that was comfortable out of that box. Jenn did an excellent job listening to both of us and melding out ideas into one cohesive palate. She was very accommodating and knowledgeable. Jenn genuinely cared what our likes, dislikes and needs were and encouraged our input on every detail. Our home turned out beautifully and "us", not the designer's."   - Joan D., Timnath, CO

"Jenn with Dragonfly Designs has tremendous talent as a designer. Her ability to listen to the client, come up with interesting design solutions to suit their needs, and problem solve, particularly in challenging situations, is highly valued. It is clear why she is award winning."

- Jennifer J., Evergreen, CO

"As a general contracting company in Colorado, specializing in high-end custom homes, it is very important for us to have very satisfied clients during the building process. Dragonfly Designs has worked with us on several projects in the past and has far exceeded our clients' and our own expectations for a design company. The design work, knowledge and all-around professionalism made for happy clients and a smooth building development. Dragonfly is always our first choice when referring clients to a design firm."

- Leonard Richey, Timberline Framers in Pagosa Springs, CO

"My husband and I have very different taste; he is more modern/contemporary, and I tend to fall into the rustic/shabby chic category. Instead of trying to decorate the house ourselves and making a mess of it, we hired Jenn Medoff with Dragonfly Designs who has exceeded all expectations. She is extremely professional, more than prepared, enormously skilled and filled with ideas. Jenn was able to combine both of our tastes into something unique which is exactly what we envisioned. I don't know how she does it and I have learned so much from her along the way. No matter what taste you have, Jenn can do it all and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of an interior designer."

- Marty L., Denver, CO

"Jenn Medoff and Dragonfly Designs did an AMAZING job with our project! We have an 11,000 square foot home in Observatory Park, and we wanted to remodel 5,000 square feet. Jenn not only had the vision for our project, she was able to pull from all of her resources and contacts to make our project a huge success! She came in under budget and on time and that is something that we as homeowners have NEVER seen before and frankly didn't expect, but Jenn pulled it off. My wife and I highly, highly recommend Jenn and Dragonfly Designs!"

Chris L., Denver, CO

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