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Frumpy Floral to Fabulous!

We transformed this historic room clad in flowers to a chic, sophisticated gathering space for the local Opera to entertain guests. The room is in the historic Johnson House, owned by the Central City Opera in Colorado. Originally a bedroom, the space was dusty, dated and needed some custom-tailored solutions for its update!

Jennifer Medoff of Dragonfly Designs, offering design services in Denver, CO, teamed the design with Jennifer Jelinek of JJ-Interiors. Together, we wanted a PUNCH of color, a clean & crisp white background, and amazing art at the foreground. Sherwin Williams "Juneberry" was a lively base for a custom stenciled Art Deco pattern by Pam Grace. We re-upholstered a chair and stunning camelback tufted sofa (owned by the opera) in velvet, to give them a luxurious feel. A small, donated custom table by Ryan Schaffer, has "Central City - Est. 1932" inlaid in wood for a personal touch.

The room was SMALL, with a 7'-9" ceiling! In order to keep it from feeling even smaller, we opted to paint it bright white, and carry the shimmering stencil onto it in a faded pattern. This served to both create the illusion that it is higher, and also provide interest as is so close to the ground.

For the focal point.... drumroll....

We ramped up the drama with a custom printed painting by Karen Fisher. It is directly across from the main room entry - and is larger than life and confronting. The piece has music notes in the background and the stirring presence of a gentleman behind the beautiful subject, who is giving the viewer intense eye contact. The Opera used this image previously in promotion materials, but not at this size.

The success of this room was in muting the elements that did not need focus, and punching those that did. A balanced combination of light and dark, and use of old and new, allowed for strong focal points. With the art piece, historic furnishings, rich velvet and stunning stencil work, we achieved a dramatic makeover. We could not be more pleased that the time and furnishings we donated for this space are helping to preserve the musical art form of Opera - in the stunning mountain community of Central City, CO!

(Oh, and if you have ever been interested in ghosts, inquire about the City's tours. The entire downtown is teeming with an eerie, historic vibe that makes them very believable!)


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