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The Importance of a Construction Site Walk

As an award-winning design professional in Denver, CO, we offer the best possible process to ensure a quality outcome of your project. Site walks are an integral part. During the course of a residential construction project, we make several visits to the job site. These serve many purposes, including an orientation to the personality of the lot, a real-time understanding of the spaces as they are constructed, and quality control of specified design installations. The typical site walks include:

Initial Site Walk

Award-winning Design Professional in Denver, CO

We always walk the lot before the project begins - whether it is empty for a new-build, or has an existing structure for a remodel. By doing this, we are able to get an invaluable feel for the area, landscaping, house orientation, views, and natural lighting. Every one of these elements will affect our design recommendations moving forward.

Framing Walk

Award-winning Design Professional in Denver, CO

Once construction has started, we visit the site to get a view of the actual three-dimensional

space, as it is filling in with walls. As much experience as we have visualizing space, there is no shortage of new ideas that arise while being in the rooms as they develop. We may notice that there is an awkward beam transition around a corner, decide that the Powder Room ceiling is just too high, or remove a wing wall that feels unneeded. We always try to minimize “change orders”, but the tweaks we find during framing walks create some of the most important improvements to the spaces we design.

Trade Walks & Construction Observation

Award-winning Design Professional in Denver, CO

As construction progress and trades move in and out, we are there to meet with the contractor and sub-contractors to discuss their part in detail. At electrical walks, we may move fixtures due to site conditions, discuss appropriate switch locations, or give on-site recommendations to fixture hanging heights. For other visits, we may review finish samples for wall paint, stained concrete, or wood flooring and answer questions as they arise. And we keep an eye on installations of tile, plumbing, wall texture, and millwork stain to ensure the specifications are carried out correctly, and per your approval.

In short, the information we get from site visits is invaluable! We investigate, observe, answer questions and ensure your project has the best possible outcome. Being a full-service interior design firm allows us to offer you oversight and full engagement during every part of your project. Let Dragonfly Designs organize your project every step of the way!

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